A cocktail with a twist, of bacon

Whatever the time of day, mood you’re in, of just simply on a whim, there’s probably a cocktail for every occasion.

Mixologists are always experimenting with their ingredients to come up with the next trend, and one of the more recent mode du jour is for spirits to be infused with animal fats such as bacon.

I’ve had bourbon infused with the flavoursome rasher which often leaves a distinctly smokey aftertaste. As well as an almost entirely carnivorous food menu, Meat Bar in Glasgow’s city centre goes a few steps further.

Meat cocktails. Included in their swine inspired twist on popular concoctions is a Meatojito, using aged rum infused with pork ribs and a pork rib garnish; and the Suckling Sour, a take on a whisky sour with bacon infused bourbon and a crispy bacon decoration perched on the rim of the glass.

This time I went for the Suckling Sour, which was a very well made cocktail with just a subtle hint of smokiness in the bourbon, of course eating the apple and bacon garnishes was a no brainer.

You should try one of these at least once, they really do work, however we’ll have to wait to see if the novelty wears off.