Blend it like Beckham

When you’re drinking a blended whisky there can be a bit of grain in there – a grain whisky being sweeter and is often used in the blend to add to its overall character.

However, you can also get your hands on a good number of bottled single grain whiskies including Cameron Brig, North British and this one – Haig Club Clubman.

Not really for sipping but I had a go anyway. Butterscotch and toffee and that’s about it, flattening out almost immediately and the only thing left is a spirity roughness in my mouth. The nose is very sweet and toffee like with very little length.

What is my verdict? It’s no great shakes but to be fair it makes no claim to the contrary. It’s not to my tastes, but as I understand it the aim is to attract a younger audience looking for a whisky to mix, and I think that’s where this spirit belongs, well placed as a base for cocktails and mixing.

Not one to be enjoyed neat (you are more than welcome to drink it how you like it) but as we tasted it I simply thought it would be good to boozify your coke (as the pic suggests).