The experment (cont.): kinda scared to touch it…

After 46.5ish hours in a bowl of raisins, I have strained and decanted the brandy into a medcine bottle, which, as a makeshift decanter is kind of suitable – the contents looks like a loose sample you’d give to the doctor.

Already I have my reservations. A quick lumpy taste straight away tells me that the brandy to raisin ratio was all wrong… far too many raisins.

Still okay though.

It’s got a nice rich walnut nose, a wee bit like polished wood of an old writing desk.  The palate is nice dried fruit and expensive orange marmalade with thick chunks of peel. It’s sweet and still has a good alcoholic warmth.

With  feta cheese it really works! The sweetness cuts through the chalky taste of the cheese bringing out a rich creaminess. The cheese balances sweetnes and the heat in the drink. All in all, very tasty.

Experiment no.3. Result: Pass

Adventures in experimentation…

I’m in the process of undertaking a wee booze experiment (this is the 3rd of its kind). Six months ago (the 1st experiment) I took the scientific measurement (a handful) of raisins, into which an equally controlled quantity (several glugs) of 20 year old armagnac. Mix in a bowl, cover, place in a dark corner of the fridge, abandon for non-specific period of time.

After a couple of days I returned to the mixture. The brandy had become dark, quite viscous, slightly cloudy, and had the odd tiny lump of raisin floating here and there in the noticeably.

It tasted great. Armagnac is quite a delicate tasting drink which has a natural slightly dried fruit and nutty dryness to its character. After two days it had extracted a lot of the sugar out of the raisins. It was warming, sweet, and may relegate the Rusty Nail from its place as my Christmas day tipple. Result: Pass.

Experiment no.2 took place shortly after Experiment no.1  had been consumed. Same measurements, except this time I used The Balvenie  Doublewood (12 yrs) – an excellent example of a Speyside whisky. Unfortunately the result of this experiment did not match the first. The drink was, sickly and generally tasted very unpleasant. Whisky is a far more delicate spirit than brandy and reacts more drastically to tinkering. Result: Fail.

Experiment no.3. As before, this time Cognac. Watch this space…