Isle of Jura 1976 ‘Feith A’ Chaorainn’

In my glass, and in my imagination, I’m back over to the Isle of Jura; it’s getting dark and a blast of icy wind howls across the landscape.
Like I say, I’m only imagining it, and with a dram of Jura 1976 ‘Feith A’ Chaorainn’ I can’t imagine even the worst that Mother Nature can throw at me would be even slightly annoying.

So, what’s it like being wrapped up in in this snug, straw-yellow Jura blanket?

Well, when I was wee I would spend the weekends at my grandparents house, and at night I’d crawl into the warmest bed in the world and right on top of me there would be this huge blanket made from the most jaggy and scratchy wool known to man – it’s nothing like that.


The nose is very delicate and a lot lighter than I’d expected with hints of polished canfer, warm salty water, orange peel, a tiny bit of Demerara sugar, smooth chilli oil, cocoa powder and pine needles.

Whiskies usually drag up some sort of childhood memory (that canfer chest is still in the family, and still smells); when I added a drop of water to this one I was in my Grandpa’s study with dustybooks wedged into every available space of the bookcase which covered an entire wall, then there was a sweet, cinnamon creaminess.

The palate had an initial hint of smoke and a very light mouth-feel, and at 46% it has a slight burn as I have come to expect from Jura. Then it was like a dry sandy beach on a warm day, rose water, and then dry grass like lying in a field on a hot day.

With water there was more smoke, and then it was just like being back with my grandparents with a subtle hint of the old leather that covered Grandpa’s writing desk and the stems from the roses Granny lovingly kept in the garden.

The aftertaste was wrapped in sweet marzipan, sawdust, more cinnamon and finally an almost imperceptible hint heather.

I’ll be honest. I’m sure I’ve said before that I’m not the biggest fan of Jura, it just isn’t one of those whiskies that speaks to me with a silver tongue. Nevertheless, it is lovely, with a great length and is unmistakeably Jura, so it’s certainly for you if you’re looking for something a bit different, and it’s definitely one for the fans.