Mackinlay’s in the 60’s

If you’ve had your ear even close to the whisky news grapevine you’ll know all about Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky, and the bottles discovered in the Antarctic in 2007.

A couple of years ago Whyte and Mackay (owners of the brand) recreated the contents of that bottle as a limited release replica. The end result was a pretty decent dram.

Recently I tasted an older version of Mackinlay’s, bottled in the 1960s.

The nose was very soft, if a bit faded by age. It smelled like cold coffee in a damp dunnage


warehouse, slightly sulphurous, cinnamon and a distant whiff of christmas pudding.

The palate felt like it had flattened with age, a dusty chocolate orange, a tiny hint of creamy caramel, and sea spray on a concrete dock.

Overall, interesting but not really one for drinking, although a win on the curiosity stakes.