Review: Douglas Laing Port Ellen 25 Yrs

In the beginning the nose is of sulphurous burnt wood with sweetness coming through the middle. After a short rest in the glass it’s still sweet with peat, pear drops and metallic minerals skirting around the edges.

Once the water is added the sweetness is still there with orchard fruit floating in icy water (the fruitiness is cold and diluted), a melted brown sugar edge, charcoal and toasted fruit loaf.

I found the palate to be a little unexciting with spicy sweetness and peat. Water made it seem dryer and mellowed the peat.

The finish is relatively long with a touch of fruit at the end, lingering peat and good smoky warmth hanging onto the tongue. Note that it needs to be drunk pretty quickly; it was left for a while and when I returned it had become unpleasantly flat and slightly bitter.