Review: Glenkinchie Distiller’s Edition

The nose started off with wood stain and  tangerine sweetness. It seemed quite closed off until I added water. It developed a sweet thickness like that of sponge cake mix, still with a fresh sweetness on the nose but the tangerine is less pronounced.

There’s a hint of pencil shavings and waxy worn wood like a school desk (remember being at school and sharpening your pencil into your desk? – We’ve all done it!); bitter chocolate creeps in there just at the end. After a while the nose has tinned peaches (the peaches, the syrup, and the tin), then a final yeasty hint of bread dough.

The palate is initially quite sweet but then changes quickly to a rich salty dryness. The sweetness of the tangerine is less noticeable than on the nose, so is more like dried orange slices. The addition of water adds a hint of wet charred wood to a nicely simple palate.

The finish is salty, dry and of medium length. A touch of orange and dark chocolate comes through on the breath after a short while.