Review: Oban Distiller’s Edition

First of all, the nose has golden syrup and something like plaster on a concrete garage floor. It’s slightly spicy with hints of powdered cinnamon and fresh burning sappy wood.

With water there’s toffee sweetness, butterscotch, and sweet oranges on a dry chalky country road. After a little time it changes to an open pot of gloss paint with dry coffee around the edges.

The palate has a good early richness giving way to spirity saltiness with hints of almonds around the edges and dull sour pears. With water it became much dryer like passion fruit skin with liquorice sweetness.

The finish is dry leaving you wanting more with tobacco smoke lingering on the tongue and a hint of liquorice at the back of the throat as you breathe out.

This is a seriously good whisky. Amazing complexity, length and great balance. Definitely worth getting your hands on.