Scotch Whisky Experience morning master class

scotchwhiskyexperienceWhisky aficionados and amateurs alike, everybody loves a good master class. Even the most experienced and geeky of us sometimes find the geographical journey through Scotch a bit like the drive to work – it’s all a bit hazy, with no specific memory.
However, the master class at the Scotch Whisky Experience does it a bit differently.
They’re in the process of a refurbishing the shop with flavour and style rather than geography taking precedence as the main drive for the customer experience.

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Aurora under an Icelandic sky

It’s not just about the dram in your glass. It’s also about where you are when you enjoy it, and with whom. Sipping rare whisky in the Icelandic wilderness while gazing up at the Northern Lights is something everybody should do. Imagine it, the most amazing light show on earth, while keeping the arctic chill at bay with a rich, and deeply warming Highland single malt.

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