It’s plum Jim, but not as we know it

Across the lake, through a gap in the hills the white peaks of the French Alps steals your attention from the misty beauty of Lake Geneva. Visit a European city and the guide tells you about cathedrals (we saw one this time), natural history museums, parks, memorials, bars, restaurants and other assorted tick boxes. As beautiful as they are, we’ve seen a lot of churches on our travels and might have to give them a miss on our next European trip.

While I might be done with the buildings we do have the religious devotees to thank for something I am interested in: the booze. Most places you visit will have, or had a local distilled aqua vitae  or fermented beverage made from whatever was available: barley, fruit, potatoes, whey, whatever. The earliest written records of Scotch date back to 1494, there references to Cognac dating back to the 3rd century, and this is where I bring you to the good bit of this holiday slideshow. Continue reading “It’s plum Jim, but not as we know it”