Good spirits make great cocktails

bond-no9The windows don’t cast a great deal natural light in here, but that’s okay, the gloom is comforting, especially if you’re hiding from the temperamental Edinburgh weather. If you hide yourself in a corner somewhere, you can almost imagine yourself in a 1930s speakeasy at the height of prohibition in the USA, but way more slick, and well, nothing like a speakeasy in fact.

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Review: Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition

There’s a slightly musty nose to this one with smoke and sweetness. There’s also a hint of cured game like smoked reindeer and peppery spice. An interesting nose but just seems too messy and erratic.

With water it’s rich with lemonade sweetness and fresh citrus. It’s one of those whiskies in which the nose gives away no clues as to what the palate may be like.

The palate has spirity peat and salty dryness. There’s a touch of sour milk and pick n’ mix taking the edge off the salt. When the water is added it becomes  dry and smoky, with moss on thick tree bark and a touch of orchard fruit.

The finish has reasonable length, it’s very dry and full of smoke that grabs the inside of your mouth. Not sure why, but it left me with an unpleasant sickly feeling. There are a lot of interesting flavours in this one but they just don’t come together too well – if they did I’d be a pretty happy chap.