Whisky and cigars in Shackleton’s Edinburgh home

shackleton-home-eventThe secret of a good tasting is that air of enchantment, the stories, the quirks, and the provenance.
I can’t think of a better location than Channings Hotel, the former Edinburgh home of Sir Ernest Shackleton for a tasting that includes Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt, the whisky painstakingly recreated from samples of the bottles the explorer abandoned in the Antarctic, frozen in the ice for nearly 100 years.

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Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt (Shackleton) 47.3%

We’ve been hearing about it for the last four years since it was discovered in the Antarctic, and now we can finally get to taste it, well, the next best thing at least.

Richard Paterson, Whyte & Mackay’s master blender spent a painstaking eight weeks analysing the Shackleton whisky, marrying together a range of malts to create an exact replica of the 100 year old Mackinlay’s malt.

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Replica reveals secrets of 100 year old whisky


The crates in situ at Shackleton's Antarctic Hut

Whisky fans can find out what the rare whisky which was discovered beneath the Antarctic hut of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton tastes like, now that it has has been painstakingly recreated after spending more than 100 years buried in the ice.

Three cases of Mackinlay’s whisky and two cases of brandy were discovered in 2007, having been left behind by Shackleton during the unsuccessful attempt to reach the South Pole in 1909.

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