Whisky debate: influences on flavour

I have just had a short twitter conversation about some of the “burnt” or toasted notes present in whiskies. Popcorn, vanilla, coconut, sulphur, and drilled/burnt tooth came up.

The question is, in what whiskies and finishes (i.e. bourbon, sherry) do you associate these flavours? And what do you think causes these flavours to show themselves in the glass?

Please comment, join the debate!

Isle of Jura Boutique Barrel, Review 3/3: Sherry JI 1993

Agree with me or not, but sherried whiskies are the easy drinkers and the crowd pleasers of the malt world. It can smooth the edges and add that lovely warm sweet character that attracts so many. Sherry JI 1993 is my third review of the Jura Boutique Barrel Collection. Bottled at a powerful 54% – sherry by name, sherry-ish by nature – I’ll come back to this point later.

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