The experment (cont.): kinda scared to touch it…

After 46.5ish hours in a bowl of raisins, I have strained and decanted the brandy into a medcine bottle, which, as a makeshift decanter is kind of suitable – the contents looks like a loose sample you’d give to the doctor.

Already I have my reservations. A quick lumpy taste straight away tells me that the brandy to raisin ratio was all wrong… far too many raisins.

Still okay though.

It’s got a nice rich walnut nose, a wee bit like polished wood of an old writing desk.  The palate is nice dried fruit and expensive orange marmalade with thick chunks of peel. It’s sweet and still has a good alcoholic warmth.

With  feta cheese it really works! The sweetness cuts through the chalky taste of the cheese bringing out a rich creaminess. The cheese balances sweetnes and the heat in the drink. All in all, very tasty.

Experiment no.3. Result: Pass